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Rankin Mold Removal

We are dedicated to removing the hastle out of finding a local contractor. We offer a Canada-wide network of trusted local owners and professional technicians who have decades of experience in the field as well as the best technology, equipment and training to handle any problems related to mold.

Why should you use our contractors?

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Response time of 24 hours or less
  • Highly trained field operators
  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Professional service & quality work
  • We strive to maximize your insurance policy first
  • NO hidden fees!

How things work…

Step 1:

A no obligation inspection

Step 2:

A comprehensive damage assessment

Step 3:

Mold Removal / Mold Remediation

Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I know if I have mold in my house?

Mold can grow just about anywhere, but it typically thrives in warm, humid or moist environments. It can also sometimes be found in drier environments that have poor ventilation or air flow.

What's the difference between mold removal and remediations?

This is our #1 question – mold removal can be thought of as the cosmetic approach, cleaning it up so its no longer visible. Mold remediation on the other hand involves the tracking down of the source of the problem and fixing that so it no longer occurs.

How much will it cost?

As you can appreciate, every job is different, some may take longer than others, require more specialist equipment or skills to remediate and remove.

Do you really want to risk your family’s health?

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